Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are some of the most asked questions with regards to Power Telecoms.

– Cloud: PABX and data sits in server room and not at the customer. These systems just accommodate analogue and IP
– On site: PABX and data – everything – is on site at the customer. It is a hybrid system – accommodates analogue, digital and IP phones
– Both still require LTE/fibre: Yes

– Front page – customer details. Page – all the numbers and services
– Process: This will be sent to Mia Samsung. Melanie will then assit in getting the number ported. Remember – the number and service should not be cancelled until the number is ported.

– Wifi range to connect to PABX: Where ever there is wifi range at the customer’s premises
– Different Wifi: no – to unreliable
– Can WeVoip then be used: Add sim to phone. Sim needs to have data on it. Outgoing and incoming calls can be sent and made from the phone.

– PABX – Private automatic branch exchange
– VOIP – voice over internet protocol
– WeVOIP – ‘we’ – voice over internet protocol (app) – It is an extension (has to be smart phone)
– Mobex – mobile extension (only onsite bundles) – forward to mobile number (any phone). Call back function – uses the minutes from the bundle

– LTE(4G) or Fibre
– 3G with a signal strength above 80% can work, but to a maximum of 4 lines.

– NO – We would like to keep the branding standard and the same. This will ensure maximum traction

– Minutes: customer will get billed per second
– Data: will get notification running low. Need to purchase another 3G

– The bank will supply the customer with a settlement before the 60 months. Mia Samsung will offset some of these cost from month 54.
– After my 2-day meeting with the finance house – I mentioned the 36 months that we were told. Understanding agreements, I started questioning this as it was also mentioned in the training. This has now been rectified and is as per the point above.

– After month 60, but Mia will offset a certain amount if this happens or is required. Recommended at about month 54

– I will draft a document regarding the branding that will explain all more in detail. In short – all branding needs to go through Power Telecoms Head office for approval. We will design and assist.

– As you are all aware regarding the GP per bundle (R3500 and R5500), we recommend bundle 1 – 3 on R3500 or R5500. Bundle 4 – 7 only on R5500

– Minutes: NO
– Data: NO

– Turnaround time: anything between 4 and 8 in the case of an emergency (Total system failure or reception phone is down.) Within 24 hours for all other failures/problems.
– Process: Mia Samsung has agreed to supply us with a DID (direct number) for all remote maintenance and service call outs.

– It works on the APN – access private network. This is the additional LTE APN that can be sold with the bundles. It is recommended as it will be dedicated to voice data and will run on the Voice and Data network from Mia. Find attach document that will explain this more.

– No fixed internet required – only when fibre or LTE APN

– Need to get permission from land lord if we need to put up LTE (APN) outside. A Landlord lien needs to be required from landlord. Fibre will work if it runs to the shop inside the shopping centre. If the person has LTE in his shop – we can use it, but will have to determine the speed as VOIP calls can be delayed due to network hopping.
– The outdoor LTE router – that is included in all bundles – can be exchanged to an indoor LTE router. This is recommended and should work perfectly

– 512KB – symmetrical (up and down loading speed)

– Minutes: No
– Billing: Yes
– Will explain this in the process flow brief

– International calls are not included in the free minutes, and will be billed additionally.

– Core network: Voice and Data
– LTE: Vodacom/Telkom
– See attachment – Voice and Data. Little bit technical – but will assist in credibility.

It all depends on the amount of calls being made. Anything from 1 to 6 hours. We can ask this again next week.

Bundle 2 on hold as explained in the document send on Sunday. Range is 50m – but again it depends on the size of the office and how many smaller offices.

No top up. Per second billing when out of bundle minutes

Ours are also VoIP. Through fibre or our APN (1 to 1 contention) LTE it is wireless – no theft of cables. This is explained in detail the onboard document which she will get next week.

Can be done through technical support from Mia Samsung. Will even say if it was the cell phone network

1 T drive. Could last 3-4 months – depending on amount of movement and where cameras are placed

Samsung, one solution and one account. Nationwide coverage on installation. More advantages in the onboard process document

If the power is off – the PABX is off – does not matter which provider or brand. We have a UPS backup included in the bundles. We can also use We VoIP that can do the same – again – if the PABX is off – this won’t work, like any other PABX system. Good question to bring up in the training next week.

Yes, they can add their own cell phone and just pay for the WE VoIP license which is R840 excl VAT

IP Phones work off LAN cables which has a max distance run of 90m. Some phones that are installed will be less than 50m and in some cases less than 10m so we shouldn’t really get charges for extra metres, but if there are any extra work to be done or longer cable runs then the installer needs to let us know and we would take it from there.

The cost for porting after the first ported number is R180 ex VAT.

This is offered to Power Telecoms for free, but is limited to the size of the bundle. So, for e.g. if you have bundle 3 (8×8) you can have DDI’s plus a fax DDI that will make it 9. If you want more DDI’s than there are extensions then you will need to pay R10 per month per DDI.

R906 excl VAT cash price